The next time you fire up the grill, don’t settle for supermarket  BBQ marinade sauce. Whip up your own instead. Experiment with flavours to better match the taste profile to what you’re grilling.

If you like the Mexican twist, this is easy to make your own BBQ marinade sauce using ingredients most people have at home, I learned this one from dad.

     Serves 4 ı Cooks In 8 min ı Difficulty Low


Preparation BBQ Marinade

  • In a bowl mix all ingredients.
  • Dress up your favourite meat (rib, pork shoulder, beef, chicken, lamb, chicken) brushing the bbq sauce around.  Leave to marinate for  at least 30 minutes.  
  •  Grilled the meat.

I promise you will  wow  your friends  with your own secret and KanKunstasitc homemade barbecue sauce.

“You don’t have to be a chef to branch out beyond sausages on the barbie and the secret is simple: a really great bbq marinade.”

This are some of KanKun Mexican Sauces BBQ Tips

Be prepared, Marinades are a great way of keeping meat tender and moist, particularly on charcoal barbecues. Why don’t you try  KANKUN® SAUCE MARINADE  or use one of our simple and fast recipe to marinade Chipotle Marinade.

2. Don’t cook cold meat:  

3. Preheat properly: 

4. Thin is in great: 

5. Don’t poke & prod

6.  Make sure you always have your BBQ in good Mexican company, bring “KanKun Mexico at your table” to spice up your BBQ.

6.  And the most important tip… AMIGOS HAV FUN COOKING YOUR BBQ with Kankun.

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