Chicken Spicy Casserole

Concentrated flavours and a deep sauciness make this chicken spicy casserole a perfect choice for a warm and comforting dinner. This recipe is courtesy of Chef Marco Cuervo and La Gringa Dairy Mexican artisan Cheese

Chicken Katsu Curry

This is a version of the traditional Chicken Katsu Curry, with a Mexican twist. Succulent breast of chicken golden fried in tortilla chips crumbs, generously topped with a rich Mexican curry sauce and served with rice. Fresh, simple and KanKuntasticaly delicious. Recipe courtesy of a Mouthful of Mark.

Beef Red Curry

Beef Red Curry, is an intense, earthy, spicy delicious meal. The pipian Mexican mole is the secret to the success of this recipe. We promise it takes the beef to a flavoursome level.

Fish Green Curry

Fish Green Curry, is a fresh, flavoursome nutritious meal. The green Mexican mole is the secret to the success of this recipe. We promise it takes the fish to a delicious heaven.

Mexican Style Toad In The Hole

This is a Mexican twist on a British classic. The mole gravy has a nice chocolatey flavour which goes really well with the coriander and chilli in the batter and combined with the sausages delivers a piñata of flavours in your mouth. This is a recipe courtesy of Mouthful of Mark.

Mexican Mole Beef Steak

This is a take on the traditional chilli con carne, but spice it up using Mexican Mole. This is the new food trend in the UK and is a real crowd pleaser as the different spices along with the mole and habanero really give a depth of flavour.

Fish Fillet in Mole Verde

This is a fresh, flavoursome, nutritious meal. The green Mexican mole is the secret to the success of this recipe, and we promise it takes the fish to a delicious heaven.

How to open Kankun mole bottle

Moles are a delicious unique product resulted from the combination of many spices and traditional   ingredients. Our bottles are packed in Mexico with much  love and care.  The lead system is applied  during the production process on  each bottle  to ensure the...

Cooking mole is “easy peasy”

Mole is a signature Mexican, cooking it from scratch will require a full pantry of ingredients and endlessly hours in the kitchen. The solution? KANKUN MOLE and authentic Mexican cooking paste that delivers Authentic Mexican Mole dishes in simply 3 steps.

Made in Mexico with Love

To complement the KanKun chilli sauces range, I am delighted to welcome the MEXICAN MOLES to our KanKun Family.   KanKun Moles are the perfect combination of ingredients  to showcase the flavours of Mexico in every jar. "My childhood memories are encapsulated in...

Mole the curry of Mexico

Mole is often compared to curry and the comparison is a good one. Both mole and curry boast multiple and complex ingredients and come in paste form. They both have a base of chilies and other herbs and spices and contain a variety of nuts and seeds. Mole, like curry...

Introducing Kankun’s new mole range

Here at KanKun HQ we are delighted to bring you our new range of mole sauces. Moles are quintessential to Mexican cuisine, and are becoming the new foodie's trend. Our moles are made in Mexico to traditional recipes. Rolando's aim was to  create the flavours and...

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