KanKun Mole Poblano 240g


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Mexican Mole is also known as the Mexican curry. They are made for a blend of several ingredients chillies, spices among others and are recognized as recipe heritage of the Aztecs. They have a sauce-thick consistency.


Mole Poblano is the best known of all mole varieties and has been ranked as number one of “typical” Mexican dishes. It has also been called the “national dish” of Mexico. The state of Puebla is identified with mole poblano.  Mole poblano has been described as an ancient dish.

Mole POBLANO contains various ingredients, including chilli peppers and chocolate, which works to counteract the heat of the chilli peppers, but the chocolate does not dominate. Chocolate helps give the sauce its dark color, and the notes of sweet-chocolate This sauce is most often served over turkey ,chicken, pork, or other meats. The recipe is originated in Puebla Mexico.

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Mexican Mole Pablano

KanKun Mole Poblano 240g