Rolando Cardenas, the magical power behind

KANKUN® Mexican Sauces uses a secret recipe guarded fervently by generations of grandmas, aunties, and mamas from the Cardenas family.

KANKUN® Mexican Sauces are not only Mexican by name, this is the closest you will get to a home-made, traditional chilli sauce found only at the most authentic of Mexican family gatherings and Rolando Cardenas.

Rolando Cardenas, the magical power behind the sauce, learned the art of the perfect chilli mix by sneaking into the kitchen at family dinners and watching, tasting and smelling the age-old recipes that sit at the heart of his family’s tradition.

The steaming hot kitchens were full of stories, gossip and laughter, and little Rolando soaked up the tricks and secrets of the sauces. He then replicated them a thousand times until they were as good as those from his childhood.

His sauces were first served at his famous ‘fiestas’ that featured wielding luchadores, yelping mariachis and the most kicking Mexican food in town. Friends would leave Rolando’s house begging to take home a dollop of his home made chilli sauce that tasted so good and became so popular that Rolando decided to make it possible for all and launched KANKUN® Mexican Sauces that now graces your table.



Mexico at your table!

Our goal is to put together original flavours and to make you feel you have Mexico At Your Table!

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Unleash Your Luchador!

KANKUN® has the legendary Lucha Libre wrestling at its heart.

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Healthy Mad!

Our range is Gluten free, additives free, low salt low fat. Authentic Mexican flavours to enhance the taste of any meal.

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