These gooey, quesadilla canapés recipe make the perfect nibble to enjoy at a party. This recipe is courtesy of Chef Marco Cuervo and La Gringa Dairy Mexican artisan Cheese.

It is Incredibly simple to make, and are always a crowd pleaser. We love making it from scratch and we like to serve it with the trendy Mexican Moles poblano and pipian on the side.



•200 gr masa harina flour, either white or blue.
•(If you do not want to prepare the tortilla from scratch, you can also use small ready made Mexican tortilla)
•300 ml water
•3 tsp salt
•Frying oil
•500 gr Gringa Dairy queso Oaxaca
KanKun Mexican Mole Poblano
•50 gr Sesame seeds roasted
KanKun Mexican Mole Pipian
•50 gr Pumpkin seeds roasted
•100 gr Refried black beans

“Authentic recipe and additive free, are one of the key factor when I choose ingredients. KanKun Mexican Sauces are a delicious and tasty option to give a spicy touch to the food with that Mexican authentic kick.” -Chef Marco Cuervo-


•To prepare the masa dough, mix masa harina with salt, add water in 3 stages.
•Knead until it forms a consistent dough, is manageable and do not stick on your hands. Reserve covered with a damp cloth.
•Roll the corn dough into equal size pieces (20 gr. each).
•Place the dough between two sheets baking parchment in the centre of the press and press the tortilla gently.
•Fill half of the tortillas with beans, queso Oaxaca and sesame seeds and the other half with pumpkin seeds.
•Fold the tortillas and seal the corners pressing with your fingers.
•Fry at 160*C one by one until acquire a dark gold color. and reserve over absorbent paper towel.Serve the sesame filled quesadilla with KanKun Mexican Mole Poblano and Pipian on the side. Decorate with radish and coriander leaf.

Graduated in Gastronomy from Claustro de Sor Juana University in Mexico City in 2001. Chef Marco Cuervo has  developed a successful career throughout the UK as a chef and restaurateur. Chef Marco worked as Executive Chef at Lupita from 2011 to 2016, and has developed key roles in other well known Mexican restaurants like La Taqueria in Nothning Hill, and Wahaca chain. Chef Marco has recently embark in a new business venture as a consultant specialist in Mexican cuisine. His focus is to promote authentic Mexican cuisine recipes, sourcing traditional ingredients, and to develop cost effective dishes for the catering industry in the UK and Europe.

Gringa Dairy is an artisan dairy making authentic Mexican cheese in a railway arch in South East London (Peckham to be exact). The factory uses milk that is collected from the morning milking and transformed into really delicious cheese the very same day.

The traditional Mexican cheeses  produced at Gringa Dairy are:

Queso Fresco          Queso Oaxaca

 Queso Chihuahua.

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