Add some sunshine to your Monday, with this beautifully shaped tear and share, tarte-soleil – soleil meaning Sun in French, for those who don’t see the connection – using Kankun Mexican mole sauce.  This recipe is giving you so much flavour and taste and you’ll find it adapts perfectly for lunch, dinner, parties, leftovers and more!

With this beauty, we have two recipes in one and it’s our latest recipe collaboration with Lemon Pi Boutique!  She has used the Kankun Mole Poblano as the basis for a delicious mole and then come up with the idea of using any leftover sauce for the tarte, genius, right?  We thought so too.  Who doesn’t love to save time in the kitchen?!  We do, so hopefully these recipes will be a life saver and you will find them full of authentic Mexican flavour.


Poblano Mole Recipe


Lemon Pi Boutique starts with making the mole base, which is mainly chickpeas and sweet potato.  This one is an easy to make meal for vegetarians and will be appreciated by one than more set of taste buds.  However, if you like meat you could add a little finely ground pork or beef steak mince; it would have to be a finely ground meat, in order to fit and fold nicely within the tear and share tarte soleil and do the overall flavours of this simple yet effective dish, the justice it deserves.

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Kankun Mexican Mole Poblano

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