Are you feeling ready for the week ahead? Life is busy and Monday is always a crazy time for the Kankun Sauce team and everyone else out there, we know.  So with that said, we have another fine recipe to get you into the swing of things and help take the strain out of wondering what to cook for dinner tonight!

Once again, Lemon Pi Boutique has pulled a traditional Mexican main out of the bag to help you enjoy a tantalising feast to enjoy at the end of the day’s work.  Who doesn’t love a quick bite that’s full of flavour and taste, and tastes like something from the local restaurant?  We’ve got dinner sorted.  So let’s indulge…

Mild Mexican to Start

If you like the thought of Mexican food but are worried that it will be too spicy, then you will love the flavours of Kankun Pibil cooking sauce that our food blogger uses in her recipe.  It is a mild, tangy sauce that is easy to cook with and can be used in a multitude of Mexican dishes.  It can be used in appetisers, sides or mains alike, so don’t worry about having to add extra flavours if you prefer not to.  This sauce will do the job for you.

Lemon Pi Boutique has used it here as a basis to make the flavours of chicken more exciting and then added simple, yet flavoursome textures of spring onion, cotija/feta cheese and sweetcorn kernels to make the dish pop!  We love a bit of crunch ourselves – can you taste the tangy sauce, crumbly cheese and crunchy onions yet?  Well come on then, let’s make this simple and tasty food – easy to make and even easier to enjoy.

Create This Yummy Recipe Tonight

Kankun Pibil Cooking Sauce

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