Cool As A Corn Kernel


This is such a great time of year to enjoy food outdoors, whether it’s enjoying eating out in the garden by yourself or with friends and family: barbecues, picnics, fish and chips on the beach or tucking into a cooling and creamy ice cream – summer is the perfect time of year to indulge in foods that create special memories or remind us of times past.

So, with that said let’s get started on our latest recipe collaboration with Lemon Pi Boutique.  She has made a fantastic ice cream recipe using some spice and heat from Kankun Hot Chipotle Sauce and created a zesty lime curd to counterbalance the flavours, to give your taste buds a zing.  Corn is the basis of the recipe, adding a natural sweetness meaning that you don’t need as much sugar as with normal ice cream.

What we love about Lemon Pi Boutique’s recipes, is that they have a nutritional base as well as retaining exciting flavours and capturing the enjoyment of food, i.e. using a little sugar is okay!  This is also a fun recipe for the kids due to the vibrant yellow and green colours and of course you can find natural food colourings to use in this recipe.

Grab your ingredients and let’s get started – you won’t want to miss this one!

Fresh Fusion of Flavours


Whilst shop bought ice cream can be delicious, especially if they are locally made, use special creams like clotted cream or even use less sugar like gelato, there’s nothing like the satisfaction of making your own ice cream. If you’re looking to create something fun together with friends this summer, which you can then enjoy eating, then this is the summer treat for you which you can tuck into at any time of day.

The lime in this ice cream recipe adds that sharp, sourness and refreshing taste which you need in the heat in order to keep your cool yet has the tangy twist of the chipotle chilli sauce, so it bites back. Eating a little chilli when the weather is hot, much like drinking something hot, actually makes you feel cooler because it helps to regulate your body temperature.  This is because when you sweat your body is cooling itself down.  So if you find yourself sweating in the summer heat, grab a cone and get a scoop of Lemon Pi boutique‘s, Mexican inspired ice cream!

You can find all the ingredients used in her recipe by clicking here

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