Recipes For The Saturday Kitchen


It’s time to dust off your apron, bring out your burritos and get wrapping – let’s start making some spicy creations in the kitchen with Kankun Sauce!  You’ll see the Instagram post below from one of our latest food blogger creatives, Jen’s Food Blog.

Normally a restaurant reviewer, she was ready and raring to support our cause of creating interesting meals in mammoth quick time.  Now you can get started on some simple brunch recipes to kick off your Saturday.

Mexican Style Brunch


To get started on brunch (or lunch, depending on how you spend your Saturday!), you can use left-over meats or veggies and mix up with with freshly cooked bacon.  Or why not use veggie fake meats of your choice, boiled or fried eggs, or slices/mashed avocado? Either start to cover in the sauce then reheat or once everything you want to add is warmed through, you can drizzle as much sauce on as you please.  You could start afresh if cooking takes your fancy this morning and grill some veggies burgers, slice length ways, then cover in Kankun chipotle sauce, topping off with some fresh coriander and salsa salad like this one by Food Crafters – we will include a recipe for this soon!

The great thing about Mexican food is that it’s about using traditional and seasonal ingredients, this is why the chillies are the main focus of our sauces because they grow all year round, have around 150 varieties and are picked within range of our home town of Mexico City.  This is where we also produce and prepare the sauce range.

Like your eggs over easy and want a quick Benedict?  Make a quick sauce with a roux, using a flour and milk mixture, whisk quickly making sure that the contents don’t stick to the pan, then add your cheese of choice (vegan, cow’s, goat’s etc.) and quickly stir in.  Serve on top of your egg or avocado with some Kankun Jalapeno table sauce for that hidden kick that will get you moving this Saturday.