Well, this is the last in our collaboration series with the wonderful food blogger, Lemon Pi Boutique.  We are going out in style with a deliciously crumbly salmon, smothered in Kankun’s Pipian Mole sauce.  This is a twist on the traditional surf ‘n turf meals of mixed seafood and meats, bringing together the meaty textures of mushrooms with the flakiness and creaminess of pink salmon.

Spice Up Your Fish Suppers

As you can see from the way that the sauce reduces, the Kankun Pipian mole cooking sauce has worked really well with the salmon and not dried out, lending that moisture to the fish that it needs – as we know, salmon and chicken can turn dry if not cooked correctly and our sauce just works perfectly with the fish here.

As Lemon Pi Boutique rightly points out: it’s the mildness of this fish that really lends to the flavours of the mole, to make a well-rounded dish that isn’t overpowering and has just the right amount of balance of flavours and textures.

Fire Up Neutral Foods with Mexican Moles

If you’ve grown bored of the traditional ways of cooking salmon but you still love its taste, then you will thoroughly enjoy the heat and spice of this mole and the way that it irresistibly combines with the fish and other ingredients.  It will introduce you to Mexican food (if you’ve not tried it already of course), along with other tastes that you already now and enjoy.

Click below to get started on this wonderful recipe and also to buy the Kankun™ Pipian Mole cooking sauce, which is the key part in bringing everything together.  You could also try the Kankun™ Poblano Mole or Kankun™ Green Mole, if you wanted to try this recipe again but with a different spice mix or heat level.

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