Hello and welcome to all our Canadian friends!   Today is Canada Day as you all know and what better way to celebrate than by asking our friend and food blogger, Lemon Pi Boutique, to rustle up something special for your Monday evening meal.  She has lovingly created Pastor Pork with Cauliflower and Fennel using the Kankun™ Pastor Cooking Sauce!  Which contains one of my favourite ingredients: pineapple and yet doesn’t overpower the sauce with its flavour.  Let’s tuck in!

Spice Up Your Life

I think we could all admit that there have been times where we could eat more veggies.  Monday is usually a time when you are on the go and so most of us will choose an easy option for lunch or dinner – or both, if time is really of the essence.  However, the beauty of Kankun Mexican Pastor cooking sauce is that it’s fairly quick to work with and doesn’t need much cooking through in order to make any meal it’s added to, taste amazing!  Although, the longer you cook spices the better the taste (take care not to overcook or burn them though!) and make sure they are not cooking on too high a heat.  This sauce has just enough spice to get you started, especially if you are a spice novice.

Cauliflower & Fennel Become One

If you don’t like cruciferous vegetables or have no idea what to do with fennel (let alone eat it), then think again my friends!  The creative synergy between Lemon Pi Boutique and Kankun™ Pastor cooking sauce will enliven even those particular veggies that you simply cannot tolerate, plus the sweetness from the pineapple will really compliment the pork that is within this dish making it taste really moreish!

You could even switch up the veggies used within this recipe if you aren’t a fan of fennel or cauliflower.  If you have never had these vegetables with a Mexican sauce like Kankun™ then you will be pleasantly surprised – so give the humble cauliflower and fennel a try.  They sit alongside the meat portion of this dish perfectly and add just the right textures to leave you feeling satisfied.

Egg-Citing Mealtimes

She pairs the cooked pork, fennel and Cauliflower with a fried egg and rice.  Again the egg offers another texture, some yoke for dipping and extra protein making this a really quick, filling and satisfying meal.  Cost-effective too as eggs and pork chops are a source of cheap protein but don’t compromise on flavour, especially when paired with Kankun™ Mexican sauces, and grilling the pork will also mean less fat.  The grilled jalapeno also adds that little extra hit of spice and fun to this dish.  If you are using the jar kind, then the sourness of the vinegar with really go with the taste of grilled Pastor pork.  Enjoy!

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