I have been asked several time if Mexican foods works with wine? The answer is simply YES.   I understand why this may trigger a set-to between those who can’t see the problem and those who advise to stick to beer.

Indian food has opened the door to spicy food and wine pairing and nowadays sommeliers, shop keepers, bar and restaurant owners and even apps are the easiest way to match your spicy menu with a good wine.

Here Are Some Tips:

The spicier the food, the colder and sweeter the wine should be.

Stay away from high-alcohol wines at all cost, the lower alcohol wines dissolve the burning sensation of capsicum

Most of the time you can match the colour of the wine with the colour of the meat. Red meat? Red wine. White meat? White wine

Because the flavors and preparations for Mexican cuisines are very diverse and the proteins can range beef tacos to the rich and complex (mole), the best way to conquer them with one easy sweep will be bubbles.