London Cocktail Week is an unrivalled celebration of our capital’s fantastic cocktail culture – and a chance to bring the art of mixology home.   Try one of this cocktails with a KanKun kick.

Long Verdita Spicy Cocktail

This fresh and vibrant Long Verdita is a spicy cocktail that has authentic and fresh flavours of pineapple, mint, coriander and KANKUN Jalapeño sauce.

Pomegranate Smoky Cocktail

This pomegranate smoky cocktail will blown your mind away, it is a well balance creation and if you like smoky, this cocktail is definitely for you! A recipe with KanKun Mexican  Chipotle Sauce.

Bloody Maria Cocktail

A good Bloody Maria Cocktail makes everything much better and we’ve switched it up with tequila and an eye-opening dose of KANKUN Habanero Mexican Sauce.

About Spice Cocktails

“Spicy cocktails are an interesting lot. There is a trick to finding a balance of flavor when it comes to making a drink with hot and spicy ingredients and it is a fine line that one must tread to ensure it is palatable. Yet, when made right those who appreciate all things hot and spicy will find these cocktails to be some of the most amazing adventures in flavor.”

Beware of Too Much Spice: 

“The key is to go slow, start with a small amount of pepper or hot sauce and build it up to your taste the next time you make that drink”.

(Source Colleen Graham cocktail expert –

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