Okay, so it’s the start of the week again and you may be watching that clock and waiting for the day to be over!  However, if you are in need of cheering up from this change in weather and want to add a bit of spice to your life, then we have something to get you excited about.

Food Blogger Collaboration with Lemon Pi Boutique

We have teamed up with Canadian food blogger Lemon Pi Boutique, to bring you a whole host of recipes for Mexican Monday inspiration!  Let’s face it, most Mondays are crazy busy and when it comes to mealtimes we want something that is relatively quick and easy to make.  Her Chickpea Tinga Tacos recipe is delicious and a dish which you can easily make, even if you have the simplest of cooking skills!  So, don’t worry, she’s got your covered.

Lemon Pi Boutique also has an amazing range of other recipes on the website, so do be sure to check them out and go to Pinterest to add some as your favourites or recipes that you’d like to try.  You can also find us on Pinterest, too.

Starting to Incorporate Mexican Flavours

Lemon Pi Boutique didn’t have access to Mexican foods or flavours in her local area, so she was excited when we approached her to try our range of Kankun™ Sauces and couldn’t wait to receive the paid and complimentary samples in the post.  If you’ve never cooked with Mexican cooking sauces like Tinga before it is really easy to get to grips with.  All you need to bear in mind with this is that it is in paste form, meaning that you will need to reduce it with a stock or alternatively, you could use it as a rub for your meat, vegetarian mock meats or mixed vegetables.  Either way it tastes delicious!

Vegetarian Options in Mexican Cooking

We wanted to make sure that there are more vegetarian options on our website, so in this recipe Lemon Pi Boutique is using chickpeas as the main source of protein along with some wonderful flavours to bring out the tang of the Tinga cooking sauce and obviously adding some good, honest veggies to the mix.

If you’re looking to try a meatless Monday, add some zing to your cooking and make it a quick recipe that all your friends or family will enjoy, then this is it.


Surf ‘n Soil Salmon Mushroom Kankun Pipian Mole

Fancy a twist on the traditional surf ‘n turf? This fish-based, Mexican mole recipe will not let you down!

Mild Chipotle Tex Mex Casserole

Why not try this delicious Tex-Mex recipe this week and excite your family and friends with new flavours!