Surprise your family and  friends with this delicious hot dog in a spiral shape. It only takes a minute or so to skewer the sausages and spiral-cut them to create a KanKuntastic effect. Children just love it!



  1. Cook the hot dogs as desired. Usually boiling or steaming provides the best method to achieve a nice, sleek spiralled effect.
  2. Leave the hot dog to cooled slightly.
  3. Spear the hot dogs.
    • Simply hold the bottom of the shish kebab spear and poke the sharp end into the bottom of the hot dog, lengthwise.
    • Pierce the entire dog until it rests in the middle of the spear.
  4. Slice the hot dog while on the spear. The key to cutting the dog is to not cut all the way through. Cut only to the spear:
    • Cut the hot dog beginning from the top and work your way down. For a fancier spiral, cut the hot dog on an angle.
    • Make a cut every one to two inches, depending on the size of the hot dog. Make sure you don’t make cuts too close together as they may run together and ruin the effect.
    • As you are cutting, roll the hot dog away from your for the cleanest cut. This may take some practice, so you may want to test drive this method on a few hot dogs first.
  5. Grill the sausage
  6. Insert into your favourite bread and top it up with KanKun Mexican Chipotle Mild Sauce