KANKUN® Sauce, the traditional Mexican Sauce company, is spicing up the coming Tequila and Mezcal Fest that takes place between the 22-23 of November at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel.

London latest drink trends revealed that tequila, mezcal and chilli will be at its highest popularity in 2015.  Keep your cocktail cutting-edge using KANKUN® MEXICAN CHILLI SAUCE  as an indispensable ingredient at home, bar or restaurant.

Building upon both the classic cocktails, and those that incorporate seasonal ingredients from farmers’ markets, London’s mixologists would find in KANKUN a gluten free ingredient that will promise to bring something new for 2015.  “Just one drop can change the profile of the drink. It doesn’t make it hot, but gives a unique flavour to drinks”, says Rolando Cardenas founder of KANKUN.    KANKUN®’s Mixology range includes:

KANKUN® Chipotle Hot, a unique blend of earthy and smoky spiciness and the perfect heat level (Great Taste 2014)

KANKUN® Habanero, blending 85% pure habanero chilli for extreme heat lovers with a moreish flavour (Great Taste 2014)

KANKUN® Jalapeno, 100% Jalapeno green sauce, not too hot not too mild.

KANKUN® is delighted to be part of this event where finest producers  of tequilas and Mezcal are showcasing their product as well as enjoying the  cocktail master class, tastings and seminars.

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Further information on KANKUN® contact:  – 07899993719

About KANKUN® SAUCE – KANKUN is a  new brand of MEXICAN chilli sauces, GRATE TASTE 2015. Sourcing the highest quality ingredients the company is committed to bringing genuine flavours and Mexico at Your Table.