The traditional Chilli cook Festival organised by Lupe Pintos Deli in Scotland will take place on the 27th of September – Edinburg and 11th of October – Glasgow.  This year is hotter and bigger than ever.

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Cook Book

“Dougie Bell aka El Cocinero and Rolando Cardenas aka KanKun Luchador are currently putting together a new cookbook due for publication 2015
The book is a collection of old family recipes with modern fusion Mexican, a CHILI Section and a Taco Loco section , The book will also feature the award winning recipes from the cook –off.

The cook book will be launched at the 2015 chili Cook-off.

KanKun Luchador will be special guest Judge at both 2014 events and his wonderful Chipotle and Habanero sauces will be present at all Venues. Meet the man taste his sauce.
El Cocinero will make a debut appearance. Join them both as special judges come as a luchador this year”.

Memories of this chilli cook 2014

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