Make your picnic go Mexican.  Although summer officially starts in June, there is something about May that creates that summertime feeling in the UK. Maybe it is the days getting longer , the flowers in bloom,  or the sun peeking through the clouds.

Here at KanKun HQ, we have been enjoying feeling London heating up around us. We just can’t help thinking that it is picnic time, but as always, we imagine everything with a little Mexican touch. In fact, we think that your  basket isn’t complete without a Mexican sandwich and a bottle or two of KanKun Mexican Sauce.

Here is our suggestion  of how to add a little Mexican heat to your picnic, make your sandwich zing by bringing  on our MEXICAN TORTA,  that is the sandwich version of the Mexicans.  We promise it will blow your taste buds away.

Check our latest Beef Sandwich also known as Mexican Beef Torta.

Make your picnic zing

“I’ve tried many torta recipes but this spicy version is our family favorite! Just one bite of a  Mexican torta can transport me back to my picnic days in Mexico enjoying the warm and succulent Mexican sandwich prepared by my mum.” says Rolando Cardenas founder of KanKun Sauce.

About Mexican Tortas:

Sandwiches, called TORTAS, are a favourite lunch choice all over the country, but they are not quite sandwiches as we know them. Tortas are generally made with a white bun, that is toasted, spread with a layer of bean paste and a layer of mayonnaise before all sorts of fillings are added, like ham and cheese, breaded chicken or pulled pork. In true Mexican style, there is also the option to spice them up with rings of jalapeño chillies or a drop or three of hot sauce.