The Olympics and the open air festival seasons are finished and the slow motion of the autumn it is  slowly coming upon us.  Hold that thought!  The Mexican Independence day is coming to help you swing your mood into a colourful, delicious and vibrant Mexican fiesta.

Here at Kankun™ sauce we are doing what we like the most: “bringing the Mexican fiesta to your kitchen”.  This is the month to grab  a bottle of Kankun™sauce together with your favourites ingredients and simply unleash your inner wrestler cooking your favourite Mexican meal or mixing a fabulous chilli cocktail recipe. “Whatever you do this is the month, Have Fun Cooking and bring the Mexican fiesta home”





Check our KANKUN™ Cocktail ideas to bring the Mexican fiesta home.


About Mexican Independence day

In Mexico, September is known as “Mes de la Patria” (month of the nation) and one of the most important celebrations of the year is the Mexican Independence Day.

For those wondering what is the magic behind this big and symbolic celebration, here is the story and its traditions:

El Grito (or the “cry for Independence”) is a tradition that commemorates the original grito given by father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla in the town of Dolores, Guanajuato back in 1810 to gather all to join the rebellion against the Spanish colonizers. This was the beginning of our Independence and ever since, every 15th of September at midnight all Mexican all over the world gather together to shout the famous Grito: VIVA MEXICO!

In Mexico, every city, street, home and even cars, are decorated with flags, flowers and lights of red, white and green. People of all ages join parties and the euphoria is collective, the symbolism gives you chills, the fervour is contagious when the celebration begins.

As always, food plays a very important part on these festivities; the traditional foods most commonly served are: antojitos (finger food), mole poblano, chiles en nogada, guacamole, candies and punch. Look out for our upcoming traditional recipes in our website!