Whether you believe it or not (because of this lovely UK weather we’ve having), we are now in full swing for the barbecue season and that can only mean one thing:  trying to navigate your way between the grill and the barbecue in between those occasional “light” showers and hoping that you can keep your guests happy with some fine, foodie fayre.  Fear not, though, this recipe will leave you and your guests tantalised by its flavours so much that it won’t matter where you are, who you’re with or what the weather is like, you’ll just keep wanting to pile on the hot sauce and grab more of the wine which further compliments its punch.

Crowd Pleasing Fayre that Any Foodie will Enjoy

As you know, we’ve collaborated with LemonPiBoutique to bring you a wonderful range of Mexican recipes over the next coming weeks.  The beauty we have for you today is definitely a crowd pleaser at any summer party, barbecue or picnic alike.  Using one of the juiciest and sweetest fruits of the summer season, the gorgeously delicious peach, she has put a kick into the sweetness and tang by using Kankun Habanero Hot sauce.

The burgers are homemade with plenty of different spices and then laden with the habanero covered peaches, all in a soft burger bun.

No Heat Outside? Pour the Heat On!

As LemonPiBoutique quite rightly points out in her blog, Kankun Habanero Hot sauce can be paired with many things that you would find on your barbecue – think skewered prawns, chicken pieces/breasts, slices of aubergine or even fruit on a stick – so you won’t get stick for ideas when lathering on this amply hot addition.  Plus, the heat of the sauce is tempered by the guacamole and could be further calmed by the addition of sour cream if you really love your condiments.

Health Benefits of Chilli

What’s great about these burgers though is that they are quite simple to make and will be a hit with the younger members of your family or guests.  If they would like to try the habanero, offer some of the peach mixture on a piece of meat that’s already cooked, then add to the habanero peach mixture to their burgers accordingly, i.e. teaspoon or less, depending on what level heat they think they can handle!

Children always love to experiment and it’s good to get them involved in the cooking or preparation process.  People might shy away from giving chilli-based products to children but there are many health benefits to this little super food (it might even get them to eat more veggies), so don’t be scared to give it a try, no matter how old you are!

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