If you are a lover of the jalapeno pepper then you will love this instalment of our latest recipe collaboration with Lemon Pi Boutique!  Simply grab your favourite jacket potato of choice, some Kankun™ Jalapeño Hot Sauce, gooey cream cheese and some veg or salad prepared ready to the side so that you are good to go once these babies are cooked.

This recipe takes a little longer due to the fact that you will be cooking the potatoes from scratch in the oven, before filling with the cheese mix but is well worth the wait.

Summer Party Food Ideas

This recipe is a great addition to your barbecue or picnic.  Whilst the baked potatoes are cooking in the oven, you will be able to get on with making the filling for the jalapeno poppers and creating some other nibbles for everyone’s enjoyment.  What is your favourite summer food?  Our Mexican Sauces can be enjoyed alongside most English-based recipes, whether you like to eat a traditional beefburger, tuck into cottage pie or devour fish and chips, nothing will give it an interesting kick more than Kankun™ chipotle, jalapeno or habanero sauce.

Sharp & Spice

The mixture of cheeses in this recipe will really tone down the heat of the jalapeño but also add another dimension of flavour.  The sharp cheese, tangy and crumbly feta and lime juice give a slight sourness that mixes perfectly with the cream cheese and obviously the sour cream.  The main part of this recipe that will take a while is cooking the potatoes but that’s okay because it will be even more enjoyed when everything comes together to make this tasty treat.

Serving as a side?  Combine it with a Mexican chilli.  Serving as a main?  Add a big salad with some Mexican salsa – we have found plenty of recipes on Pinterest.

Mexican Food Ideas – How To Use Kankun™ Sauces

Take a look at our recipes at Kankun Pinterest for inspiration and ideas on how you cook with Mexican flavours and guides on how to use our sauces.  You can also find some great tips on our Yummly feed.  Also check out LemonPiBoutique on Instagram to keep up to date with the latest in her Mexican Monday cooking series.

Most of all, enjoy your cooking and savour every bite!

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