This week’s recipe from creative, Canadian food blogger LemonPiBoutique, is all about making a soup and dumpling base that is light enough to enjoy whatever the weather and offers that green mole taste!

Mexican Inspired Soups for Vegetarian

Soups are always a good idea to make if you’re looking to get ready to go out and want something cooking whilst you’re busy, or if you want a straightforward starter or main for your dinner guests. Veggie Power Green Mole w/ Chochoyotes is a vegetarian recipe that will be a hit with meat eaters alike, given the fact that black beans are very hearty, full of fibre and make a thicker soup base any meat eater will feel satisfied after tucking into this soup.

Easy Mexican Starter Recipes

The sweet potato in this recipe will also compliment the mild green mole paste – a perfect starter recipe for those looking to bring more vegetables into their meals but who may also be starting out in cooking Mexican cuisine and don’t want the spice to be too hot! It’s also quite quick to put together, making it perfect if you’re looking to grab a quick bite after work or for all the family to enjoy.  As LemonPiBoutique says in her recipe, you can even up the heat level by adding more sauce – like a few drops of habanero sauce, chipotle hot or jalapeno sauce.

Putting the Fun Into Mexican Cooking

Chochoyotes, otherwise known as Mexican corn dumplings, are a national delicacy and definitely add some fun to this dish.  The great thing about these little dumplings compared to the round version we usually eat in the UK, is the open dome in the middle of each dumpling.  These little dumplings perfectly catch all of the deliciously flavourful soup within, helping you to savour each bite and helping to bring different textures together.

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