Summer Is Almost Here!!

Now that the summer is coming, you might be thinking of travelling to warmer parts of the world to enjoy different beaches, scenery, cultures and different foods. As someone who grew up in Mexico City, I got to enjoy and relish the heat of the sun for most of the year, spend quality time with family and friends outside and enjoy the food that we made in our family restaurant.

I think we can all agree that this time of year brings everyone together for happy occasions and sometimes, just a good excuse to enjoy the good weather! So, what better way could there be than by sharing good food and drink with friends and family? It is the simple pleasures that make life worth living, so pop a little drizzle of heat from Kankun Sauce on to your delicious meals!

Picking the Right Chilli Sauce

How do you pick the right chilli sauce for your cooking? When we created Kankun Sauces, we had everyone taste buds in mind – from those who like the heat in all of their dishes, to those who like a mild kick in their salsa or on their potatoes, you will find a delicious Mexican sauce that complements your food and will bring a smile to your dinner party guests!

If you’re guests are new to chilli or don’t eat it that much and you want something special but quick to cook with, then you may want to start with a mild Mexican chilli sauce. Kankun Mole Green sauce has a nutty flavour, uses mild green chillies and is also fast and easy to use.

Spice Up Your Starters

With our unique taste for chilli and Mexican ingredients, we decided to bring a bit of Mexico to the plates and palates of the UK. If you’re not sure about which chilli sauce to buy, think about what dish you would like to make and how the ingredients and flavours will sit together. For example, if you love making guacamole as a starter or as a basis for your tortillas, then you may want to try something new by adding a bit of Pastor Mexican Cooking Sauce. As this one is normally used as a marinade base, you will first need to heat up a little of the sauce in a teaspoon of oil to activate the spices. Once that is done, leave it to cool for a moment and then thoroughly mix through the guacamole before chilling. Using a tortilla wrap, taco or tortilla chip base, load up as much as as the guacamole as you desire and then add fillings/toppings of your choice.

Mexican Sauces with Pineapple

As pineapple is major flavour within this particular sauce, it will help bring out the tastes of any filling that you decide to go into your meal, whether that be chicken, pork, minced beef or veggies. You could even create a dessert tortilla using plantain and lightly frying it in Pastor Mexican Cooking sauceSimply pour on the tortilla, wrap and serve to your guests for sweet and mildly spicy treat! Chilli, chocolate and fruit combinations have always tasted great together, so you may want to melt some dark chocolate for this recipe too to make it even more indulgent.