In recent months I’ve seen a growing trend on the papers and media about the ‘NEW MEXICAN REVOLUTION’, which is taking Britain by storm.

mexican-insurgentsMany of you may not know I’m a direct descendant of “El Insurgente Pedro Moreno” – one of the leaders of Mexican Revolution of the early twentieth century – and you would guess by now that the world revolution runs trough my blood.

I am proud that my enterprise with KANKUN® sauce is contributing towards this new trend so I’ve decided to start walking around the streets of London looking for new Mexican places and meeting the people that are taking active part on this.

This search took me to meet my friend Chef Carlos  Villarreal, he  shared with me his passion for this New Food Revolution.

Carlos was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and he started as a chef when he was very young by helping his grandmother in her restaurant.

Carlos loves exploring worldwide cuisine so he left Oaxaca to move to New York where he studied in the French Culinary Institute and then in the Culinary Institute of America.

Me with Carlos (left) and KANKUN® Luchador helping out in the kitchen!


Quote-Ay-Caramba-02Carlos, however, considers that people are becoming more educated about authentic Mexican food and he has foreseen in the years yet to come a total revolution in the Mexican dishes served in UK restaurants.

I had a wicked time with Carlos and his team , they were thrilled by the “Liberate your Luchador Challenge” and came up with two outstanding recipes that I now share with all of you:

CARAMALISED KANKUN® CHIPOTLE CHICKEN– to give you strength to fight this winter!!!  (click here)

CHILLI CON CARNE KANKUN® CHIPOTLEbring the heat to this cold weather… and walk around with just a t-shirt on after having this powerful dish.  (click here)