Hello October! The onset of autumn, shouldn’t be met with a lament for the halcyon days of summer. It is a time to enjoy  the warm and cosy dinners among friends and family.  

Mark Popkiewicz a lover of Mexican food and fan of KanKun Sauces, accepted the October challenge to create a mouthful of recipes  with a “Mexican twist”. Thank you Mark this is KanKuntastic!

A Mouthful of Recipes

with a Mexican twist



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“Thanks to my friend Rolando Cardenas founder of Kankun Mexican Sauces   and his wonderful sauces. I got to know better the Mexican cuisine and discovered a whole new world of recipes, who knew there were so many different types of chillies.  I am passionate about cooking and love to add from time to time a Mexican twist to some of my favourite traditional recipes” – Mark Popkiewicz

About A Mouthful of Mark.

Mark is UK  food blogger that loves to cook and to travel. He is passionate of all cuisine styles and Mexican foods is at the top of his list of favourites. He got to know Kankun Mexican Sauces, through a social media competition. ” I used the habanero on my fajitas and the chipotle on my flatbreads, I was hooked, the sauces had so much flavour and ranged from mild to hot, something for everyone!”

If you are a food blogger and would like to unleash your inner wrestler in the kitchen like Mark does, do contact info@kankunsauce.com