Rolando Liberate your Luchador TRIO

KANKUN® Mexican Chipotle Sauce is not only Mexican by name, this is the closest you will get to a home-made, traditional chilli sauce found only at the most authentic of Mexican family gatherings and Rolando Cardenas, the alchemist behind the KANKUN® Chipotle sauce developed this authentic sauce from experimenting with the flavours in the family kitchen.

“ The KANKUN® Mexican Chipotle Sauce uses a secret recipe guarded fervently by generations of grandmas, aunties, and mamas from the Cardenas family “

His wrestler’s skills tamed the art of perfect chilli mix by disappearing into the kitchen at family dinners. He watched, tasted and enjoyed the aromas of the family recipes. During these trips to the kitchen, Rolando absorbed up the tricks and secrets to the sauces.

RolandoLuchadorPolaroidKANKUN® features a deep Lucha Libre wrestling style in its heart. As a young boy, Rolando, spent sleepy afternoons in Mexico City looking at his collection of Lucha Magazines with is brothers. Admiring their favourite wrestlers, they emulated their moves and costumes. The brothers would put on their glamorous outfits (made from shiny old dresses) and their masks and capes. Before they engaged in epic, heroic battles they nurtured their courage with Grandma’s freshly made Chipotle sauces from a glass jar. Of course, they tiptoed into the kitchen to snag a spoonful of the rich red sauce for each of them. They would roar like a lion “Liberate Your Luchador!” and they would soar into the wrestling arena for hours.

His chipotle sauce was first served at his famous house fiestas that featured wielding luchadores, yelping mariachis and the most kicking Mexican food in town. Friends would leave Rolando’s house begging to take home a dollop of his home made chilli sauce that tasted so good and became so popular that Rolando decided to make it possible for all to try his magical chipotle sauce and launched the KANKUN® Mexican Chipotle Sauce that now graces your table.

Unlike other chilli sauces, KANKUN® is made of the finest, most expensive chipotle chillies and while some liked it hot, some preferred medium, and others mild, so you have a whole set to explore the range of colour and potency of the Chipotle pepper.