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Hello October! The onset of autumn, shouldn’t be met with a lament for the halcyon days of summer. It is a time to enjoy the warm and cosy dinners among friends and family. Try one of this yummy recipes with the Mexican twist, carefully made by KanKun Monthly Guest Blogger: Mouthful of Mark– Mark Popkiewicz-”

London Cocktail Week

London Cocktail Week is an unrivalled celebration of our capital’s fantastic cocktail culture and a chance to bring the art of mixology home with a KanKun kick.

Mexifest 2016 Happy Memories

MEXIFEST 2016 Happy Memories ! Yelp, KanKun Sauce and the Mexican Chamber of Commerce came together to hold London’s  Mexican festival this year! The event was a massive celebration of Mexican Independence Day and showed off what Mexico is really all about. There were...

KanKun Sauces named after Cancun

KanKun Sauces were named after Cancun city (Quintana Roo), one of Rolando’s childhood holiday. “I expended wonderful holidays with my brothers and parents in Cancun. Cancun means to me: good food, smiles, sunny, beach, holidays, happiness, chill, freedom, all the great things you can get from a great holiday. Hence I named my Mexican sauces KanKun after Cancun”, says Rolando

Spicy Fruit

For Rolando and many other Mexicans, these spicy fruit snacks are his favourite summer treat, because they are tasty and refreshing. There is something about the chilli spice that brings out the sweetness of the fruit and really makes it zing, especially with slightly acidic fruits like mangos.

Bring the jar on-the-go

Layering dressing, then individual ingredients, in a jar is a KanKuntastic way to pack your on-the-go food. – either for the office or for picnics, or even pre-preparing for a lunch party.

Picnics that pack a punch

There is little better than rolling out the picnic rug and enjoying the beautiful weather with good friends, whilst tucking into some delicious food. Mexican food is simply perfect for picnics, with wraps, burritos and fresh guacamole making an excellent addition to the traditional British foods and flavours.

The Wrestler Cook Book

Can You Take the Heat? The Wrestler Cook book is a collection of old family recipes with modern fusion Mexican. The authors Dougie Bell aka El Cocinero and Rolando Cardenas aka Kan Kun Luchador are well known Ambassadors of Mexican Food and the iconic Mexican Lucha libre.

Tortas the Mexican sandwich

Brits love a sandwich. So much so that surveys have shown cheese, ham and chicken sandwiches to be the nation’s three favourite lunch options. But did you know that sandwiches are called TORTAS in Mexico and they are also very popular in Mexico.

National Picnic Week

Here at KanKun HQ, we have been enjoying seeing the sun peeking through the clouds and feeling London heating up around us. We just can’t help thinking that it is picnic time, but as always, we imagine everything with a little Mexican touch.

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