KanKun™ Sauce says cheers to London Tequila Festival 2017 !  We all know TEQUILA BRINGS THE PARTY and this will be no exception.  Be prepare for Mexican madness and the chilli power brought by KanKun Mexican Chilli Sauce to the London Tequila Festival 2017!

Sat 19th Aug at 1:00pm – Sat 19th Aug at 11:00pm
Studio 338 in London, United Kingdom

🍹 It’s TIME TO TEQUILA!!! Whether you’re a straight up slammer or a slow-time sipper come and familiarise yourself with over 30 different Tequilas in a true celebration of the agave craft.

Program for the day

🌵 Live music and DJ’s ||| Over 30 different Tequilas ||| Processions & Piñatas |||  Chili Competition |||Tequila Cocktail Bar ||| Tacos, Fajitas & more 💃🕺🏽

*Complimentary Shot of Tequila & Tequila Bible FREE with ticket*🍹


– Upon arrival your Tequila tasting journey will commence and you will be handed a complimentary shot along with your Tequila bible, which will guide you through your Tequila experience (Hangover bible not included…sorry)

– Make your way down our bar of 30 Tequilas listed from A-Z

– Expect: Live music, djs, performers, Mariachi and surprises in the mix! 💃🏽🕺🏽

– This promises to be an unparalleled party!

Long Verdita Spicy Cocktail

This fresh and vibrant Long Verdita is a spicy cocktail that has authentic and fresh flavours of pineapple, mint, coriander and KANKUN Jalapeño sauce.

Pomegranate Smoky Cocktail

This pomegranate smoky cocktail will blown your mind away, it is a well balance creation and if you like smoky, this cocktail is definitely for you!

Bloody Maria Cocktail

A good Bloody Maria Cocktail makes everything much better and we’ve switched it up with tequila and an eye-opening dose of KANKUN Habanero sauce.

Cocktails With A Kick

Spicy cocktails have found their way to British bars. The subtle kick of chilli can add the most wonderful burst of flavour to cocktails made with a variety of Mexican spirits such us tequila or mezcal.

Mango Habanero Drink

The round sweetness of mango gets a kick from spicy habanero. It will be lovely just on its own but if you are up for some alcohol, just use reposado tequila, which lends a warm oakiness to the drink.