Marinate in one simple step:  The next time you fire up the grill or want to cook your meat at home, bring the Mexican taste to your cooking with KanKun Cooking Sauces.

Simply spread one of our KanKun Cooking Sauces (Tinga – Pibil – Pastor) on your favorite piece of meat and we promise it will bring the authentic flavor of Mexican Street foods as like being in Mexico yourself.

Bringing the Mexican flavors to your marinate recipe does not need to involve endless hours in the kitchen, neither keeping a long list of complicated ingredients in your kitchen pantry.  Here at KanKun HQ, we want to make Mexican food simple and convenient while still holding the traditional and authenticity of Mexican street food flavors.

“Rolando’s aim was to create the flavors and tastes that reminded him of his childhood and time spent in the company of his family. KanKun Cooking sauces range are the perfect combination of ingredients to showcase the flavors of Mexican street food in every jar.”

Tinga Cooking Sauce

KanKun Tinga Cooking Sauce is an earthy, spicy, smoky-sweet sauce originated from the Puebla Region. This sauce is made with a blend of fresh ingredients: tomato puree, onions, garlic, smoky jalapenos.

Tinga Cooking sauce is the base for ‘Chicken Tinga’ (shredded chicken), that is one of the most popular dishes in Mexican street food. Ideal to marinade chicken.

Pastor Cooking Sauce

KanKun Pastor cooking sauce is a combination of dried chilies, tomato, onion, spices, and pineapple. This cooking sauce delivers in one simple step the same sweet-chili flavors and rich consistency of the famous Mexican Street food dish Tacos al Pastor, where pork is marinated and then slowly cooked with a gas flame on a vertical rotisserie called “trompo” (lit: spinning top), very similar to how shawarma is done, with a piece of fresh onion and a pineapple on top.

Ideal to marinade Pork or Beef.

Pibil Cooking Sauce

If you ever wanted to cook the popular Pibil at home, but you were put off by the lengthy process and the sourcing of the long list of ingredients, you will be pleased to know that you can now buy it in a jar.
KanKun Pibil cooking sauce delivers a sensational fruity, and spicy flavor with delicious citric notes brought by the combination of oranges, dried chilies and the annatto paste. This sauce has a beautiful intense brick color brought by the annatto paste, called by the Aztecs “Achiote”.

Kankun Pibil cooking sauce can be used to marinade pork, beef, chicken, and fish.

Make Your Monday More Mexican with Chicken and Kankun Pibil Enchiladas

Let’s make a Mexican main dish with Lemon Pi Boutique and Kankun’s Pibil cooking sauce!

Mexican Monday and Canada Day!

There’s always time for some spice, especially on a manic Monday! Put some extra heat beneath your feet friends!

Pastor Pork Shoulder

If you ever wanted to add a Mexican twist to your pork shoulder, you will be pleased to know that KanKun Pastor brings the convenient solution in one small and delicious cooking sauce jar.

Pastor Tacos

This Taco Pastor recipe delivers in one simple step the same sweet-chili flavors and rich consistency of the famous Mexican Street food dish Tacos al Pastor in one simple step.

Burrito Pork Pibil

If you are a burrito lover, this is the recipe for you. Today we are presenting a burrito pork pibil packed with shredded pork in a unique sweet, spicy-earthy pibil sauce.

Cochinita Pibil (Mexican Pulled Pork)

Cochinita Pibil, is a Yucatan BBQ style pulled pork. This dish has a unique sweet, earthy aroma delivered by the combination of oranges, achiote, chilies and many other Mexican spices.

Tinga Sandwich

If you are a sandwich lover, you might already be a fan of Mexican tortas. Today we are presenting a meaty Mexican sandwich packed with shredded chicken in a tangy spicy sauce.

Tinga Quesadillas -Tingadillas-

If you have some chicken tinga leftovers or if you want to prepare it from scratch and go above the traditional chicken tacos, you could consider having tingadillas (Chicken Tinga Quesadillas)

Chicken Tinga

Chicken Tinga is an earthy, smoky, spicy sauce brings so much flavor to your chicken in 1 simple steps. This is a perfect base for your Mexican tacos, quesadillas, burritos tortas, or simply served with rice.