KanKun Mexican Sauce tips for the BBQ season

The open flame is the oldest cooking method in the world. Every culture does it. The only real difference is in the ingredients and how the fire is used. Whenever my friends and I get together for a BBQ, we always go Mexican.  Maybe it is the smell of the "carne...

Make your picnic go Mexican

We just can’t help thinking that it is picnic time, but as always, we imagine everything with a little Mexican touch. In fact, we think that your picnic basket isn’t complete without a Mexican sandwich and a bottle or two of KanKun Mexican Sauce.

Let your Cheese Board go Mexican

This is a Christmas cheese board is a twist on the standard version, I took some of my favourites Mexican Cheeses , produced by Gringa Dairy artisan cheese, all surrounded with salsas, fruits and pickles. I like adding some drops of habanero on top for the magic KanKun kick.

Broth Based Spicy Recipes

Slurp up the healthy benefits of bone broth with these spice recipes that tap into the latest health fad this winter. Each of the recipes has been prepared using his buttery-rich organic bone-broth Bone-Tea as a base and has spice it up with KanKun Mexican Chilli sauce.

Winter must have soups

There are days when only soup will do; when we crave for a quick, warm, delicious and soothing comfort on your taste buds. The KanKuntastic thing about soup is that, with just a few healthy ingredients, you can make up a big delicious batch for the family.

Warming Mexican Twist

What is better than a warm fire and a plate of comfort food on the cold winter meals, that’s why we have brought you simple tips to add a Warming Mexican Twist on some of your favourite dishes!

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